Water Heaters

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Electric & Gas Residential Water Heaters
20-30-40-52-66-80-120 Gallon Electric Units
30-40-50-75-100 Gallon Gas Units

Residential Water Heaters
Warranties: 6-year limited tanks and parts.

Tankless Water Heaters
Installed and Repaired



Lifetime Warranty On All Repairs with Service Partner Agreement

How to select a water heater

  1. Know the necessary fuel type – electric, natural gas, or propane (LP) gas.
  2. Determine the gallon size you will need. A plumbing contractor can help.
  3. Measure the maximum height and width space for your new water heater.
  4. Choose a warranty model that’s right for you.

Safety Tips for a leaking water heater
If the leak is major:

  1. Shut off fuel supply
  2. Shut off cold water supply to the water heater
  3. Open all hot water faucets in your home
  4. Attach hose to drain valve at the bottom
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Excellent maintenance service

“Global Services has a polite, knowledgeable staff.  Great low estimates and quick service time.  Professional & patient answering my questions.  This is a company I will rely on to fix my home maintenance needs.”  -- Fred Bowes


Consistently excellent, professional skilled services

“Global Services has provided excellent service for my home for several years.  I have always been able to get a technician the day I call for service.  Technicians are polite, neat, efficient, and highly skilled.  They are careful to assess what is needed before providing a bid.  They explain the problem and proposed solution in terms I can understand.  They answer questions and offer suggestions to help make an informed decision.  I have been completed satisfied with work done on furnace, electrical upgrades and new hot water heater.  The technicians leave the work sites clean.  I would highly recommend this company to friends and family.”  -- Steven Cobb


Great Service as Always

“Had Global Services tune up my furnace for the winter season yesterday.  Jason, the tech, was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.