Water Heater Services in Philadelphia PA

Providing expert service to Philadelphia and surrounding areas

Odds are, you don’t give your water heater much thought until there is a problem. Few things will ruin your day more than jumping into a hot shower, only to realize that the water is freezing cold!

Our team can help you with water heater repairs throughout Philadelphia PA.

We’re licensed and trained electric & gas water heater installers, so you can upgrade that old system for one that won’t let you down. Having a properly operational water heater is more than just a convenience. Having warm water, especially during the winter months, is important for the comfort and the health of your family. That’s why we provide comprehensive repair services for any make and model water heater. If you need a new system, our electric & gas water heater installers can also help you choose one that will meet your needs perfectly.

Whenever possible, we will provide water heater repairs, even if you have an older system. We can access parts and supplies needed to handle even old water heater repairs, so you can rest assured that we’ll fix your issue no matter how complex. We work on electric, gas, and tankless water heaters to offer the most thorough repair services possible.

At times, having your old water heater repairs might not be the most economical choice. We’ll be honest and upfront with you on whether your water heater is better off being fixed, or whether it would cost less over time to upgrade to a newer system.

Having a new water heating system isn’t just the more economical choice when compared to having constant repairs done to an older unit, it is also a smart choice when it comes to your monthly power bill. Older (especially electric) models use much more energy than comparable new ones, which means you could be paying hundreds per year in extra energy costs.

If you determine that your water heater needs to be replaced, our team of Electric & Gas Water Heater installers will help you choose the right system for your home or business to ensure you are choosing a smart, energy-conscious model. While gas water heaters are more eco-friendly and cost-efficient over time than electric, we can also help you find newer electric options if the upfront cost is prohibitive for you.

Our Philadelphia water heater repair company can provide you with all the services you need to ensure you always have hot water when you need it. We’ll evaluate your current system and make our recommendations based on what will be the most convenient and cost-effective solution for your home and budget.

We will also go over any work that needs to be done upfront, and before we start, so you know exactly what you’re paying for in advance. Additionally, we ensure our quotes are accurate, so you can plan your budget accordingly without having to worry about hidden fees and unexpected costs.

If your water heater is down and out, give us a call today and we’ll schedule a time to come and have a look. We offer emergency service 24/7, so we’re always here when you need us most.