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Residential & Commercial Units

  • Air Conditioning units are important appliances for many families.
  • Air Conditioning units can make the difference between a comfortable, restful sleep and a humid restless sleep.
  • Members of the families getting the comfortable, restful sleep will feel better the next morning when they go to work.
  • Their day will be much more productive. Air Conditioning could be the difference between success and failure.

Don't ignore your heating and cooling system.

Your HVACR system is a great big (and expensive) mechanical system, just like your automobile. You know that you need to keep your car tuned up and get your oil changed regularly. Your comfort system also requires regular maintenance from qualified specialists.

Installation cost is usually the primary factor for many consumers when replacing their HVAC system. However, how can you best assess the benefits of your new heating and cooling system – when installation costs are but one variable in the total value equation?

  • Will problem areas (rooms too hot or cold) be addressed?
  • Will the equipment operate in an energy-efficient manner?
  • Did the contractor review the manufacturers’ performance data with you to demonstrate why the unit you’re buying is the right size?
  • Will the contractor measure the refrigerant charge?
  • Will the contractor ensure the unit is safe electrically?
  • Will the contractor test the thermostat?

There are many considerations to be addressed when discerning a contractor’s skills, evaluating their proposals, and
ensuring you get the value you pay for.



Our New Air Conditioner

“I have just recently had a system installed by your company. I can’t say enough good things about the people that I came in contact with. The salesperson is excellent. Everything that he told he did, without hesitation. He followed up after the job, truly a professional if I have ever seen one.

The installers were just great. They did their job with pride and were very particular about everything they did, and their attitudes were wonderful. Your salesman is very knowledgeable about what he does and is in every way a professional. A few days later, I had a problem and called your office. About 5 minutes later your service manager called and said he would be there soon. About 15 minutes later he arrived and fixed my problem. He as well is a professional in every sense of the word. A couple of days later he called and followed up.

In this day and time it is so unusual to find a company that is so customer minded. Most companies want you to think they are doing you a favor, but not Global Services. After the economic boom is over in the Atlanta companies like yours will continue to do business while the others will have come and gone. People are tired of the poor service they are getting. When they find a company as good as yours, they will spread the word. Anytime I hear anyone mention heating or cooling, I will recommend Global Services.

Thank you!”