Heating and Furnace Maintenance

A central heating appliance is an important component in a complete HVAC system package. Residential and light commercial furnaces are built to provide many years of reliable service, but they require regular maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency.

To meet this need, HVAC contractors provide comprehensive service agreements that include provisions for routine heating maintenance. These services can help improve performance, lower monthly fuel costs and extend the life of the equipment.

Furnace Maintenance Services

Heating systems are often neglected because they operate inconspicuously in the background, only drawing attention when they are in need of repair. When a component eventually does break, repair costs can be high, and there may even be permanent damage to the equipment.

Routine furnace maintenance helps ensure that heating units operate dependably while providing the quality of conditioned air outlined in the manufacture's specifications. On a seasonal basis, we send NATE- certified technicians equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to test, inspect, clean and calibrate the customer's home heating system.

Every seasonal maintenance agreement includes a number of vital services designed specifically for central heating appliances.

  • Test and adjust the burners for maximum efficiency
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for hairline cracks
  • Inspect and adjust the ignition system
  • Calibrate the blower assembly
  • Inspect and test the vent pipe assembly
  • Test and reset the thermostat
  • Adjust and measure gas pressure to the unit
  • Replace disposable filters
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Tighten electrical connections where necessary
  • Test for continuity and amp draw across the blower motor

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

There are several important benefits provided by periodic oil and gas furnace maintenance. Among these include:

  • Better Comfort: Unaddressed deficiencies can significantly degrade indoor comfort. Our certified service technicians will identify areas of concern and make adjustments to improve performance and efficiency
  • Reduced Repair Costs: Regular furnace maintenance will expose minor problems before they can develop into a complete system breakdown.  Worn parts place considerable stress on the other components, which can escalate repair costs and eventually take a toll on the entire system.
  • Improved Performance: Our technicians ensure that every heating system is tuned and calibrated to optimal efficiency. In addition to furnace maintenance, we will inspect gaps in the ductwork and other energy related deficits.
  • Extended Equipment Life: A compromised furnace must work harderand longer to satisfy the internal load. Preventive heating maintenance reduces overall system runtime, which can help extendthe natural lifecycle of the appliance.

Complete HVAC Service

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