Duct Cleaning in Philadelphia PA

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Studies have shown that indoor air quality is often worse than the air outside. This is partly due to using cleaners and fragrances indoors without ventilation, but it can also be caused by a dirty HVAC system.

As air moves in and out of ductwork, it pulls dust and other particles through them, including smoke, grease, and other contaminants from your home. This can not only affect the quality of your air, but it can also affect the efficiency of your entire system. Our duct cleaning company in Philadelphia provides a range of duct cleaning services throughout the city and surrounding areas.

Having your ductwork cleaned regularly has many benefits. These can include:

  • Removal of bacteria and other small particles such as dust mites, pet dander, skin dander, pollen, lint and other contaminants that can irritate allergies, lead to asthma symptoms in those who are prone, and affect overall air quality.
  • Improvement in the efficiency of your HVAC. When you remove all the sludge that’s clogging up your ductwork, you also free up that space for air to move more freely. This will not only help it work more efficiently to keep your home at a more even temperature, but it will also potentially lower your utility bills.
  • Improvement of your overall air quality. Even if you don’t have pre-existing health issues, having clean indoor air is important for everyone. Having ductwork routinely cleaned will improve the air your family is breathing from the inside out.

We not only handle HVAC systems, but our Philadelphia duct cleaning company also provides dryer duct cleaning to prevent lint accumulation. Every year, there are hundreds of fires in the US caused by dirty dryers. Having them routinely cleaned thoroughly can help prevent this from occurring, while also allowing the dryer to work efficiently for faster drying times and less energy being used.

How much does duct cleaning cost?

This cost of duct cleaning can vary depending on a variety of factors. The size of your home, the size of the ducts, how dirty they are, and other factors can also play into how much your total financial cost will be. Rest assured that we’ll go over the costs with you in advance, so you know precisely what you’re paying before we get started.

As a professional duct cleaning company, we strive to provide comprehensive and affordable services that average homeowners can afford. We also keep our promises, so you can rely on the quotes we offer. There will be no hidden fees or unexpected costs, so you can keep to your budget.

When you call, we will come to your home and take an assessment of your ductwork. We’ll determine how much cleaning will be involved in order to offer an accurate quote. Additionally, our team will offer you solutions for keeping your ductwork cleaner in between professional servicing, so you can keep your indoor air quality cleaner and safer for your family.

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our team via email, and one of our associates will get back to you shortly to set up an appointment. Or, you can give us a call directly for duct cleaning in Philadelphia PA.