AC Maintenance

A residential or light commercial central air conditioning system is a substantial investment in energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Modern HVAC equipment includes a variety of complex circuit boards, motors and moving parts that require regular maintenance to ensure uninterrupted   operation.

To avoid an unexpected system failure, an air condition maintenance agreement is essential. While many homeowners focus on the quality of the equipment, proper maintenance has an even greater impact on system performance and longevity.

AC Maintenance Services

Since quality air conditioners normally attract little attention, many homeowners often neglect basic requirements. A lack of regular air conditioner maintenance can raise energy costs, negatively impact indoor air quality and degrade overall comfort. A unit that fails unexpectedly during the heat of summer can cause extreme disruption to a family, and they may even need to temporarily abandon the residence in some instances.

Air conditioning maintenance customers receive regular services on a seasonal basis. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to service virtually every brand and type of AC equipment. Every tech has the latest diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately locate faulty components, which can help prevent small problems from eventually becoming catastrophic failures.

Our AC Maintenance packages include a variety of vital services that will enhance system performance and improve overall system efficiency:

Air Conditioner Systems

•    Test the  refrigerant charge
•    Inspect and clean the condensate pan
•    Inspect the  condensate  lines  and remove obstructions
•    Clean the evaporator and condensing coils
•    Rebalance the registers when necessary
•    Inspect and test compressor operation
•    Remove debris from the outdoor grille and clean the cabinets
•    Inspect, test and lubricate all moving parts
•    Comb the coil fins when necessary
•    Verify thermostat  operation and  set programs when  necessary
•    Check all electrical connections
•    Test and inspect fan motor, blower, contactor and defrost controls
•    Verify continuity across the motors
•    Verify the temperature drop across the coil

Air Conditioning Service Agreement Benefits

Regular, routine service will help reduce monthly energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and enhance overall comfort. During the summer heat and humidity, a regular air conditioner maintenance agreement can help reduce the likelihood of an unexpected repair while extending the life cycle of the equipment.

Regular Maintenance for Better Performance

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